Goddesses of Summer Pre-Order Store

Created by Angela Rachelle Sasser

Did you miss the Goddesses of Summer Kickstarter? Here's your chance to pre-order the Goddesses enamel pins, plus other items from the Birthstone Goddesses series! OPENING AUGUST 5th.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Pin Samples Have Arrived!
1 day ago – Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 08:19:48 PM

Good news, everyone!  I received the samples for the Goddesses of Summer pins in the mail today from PinSource and they are GORGEOUS!  I'm quite pleased with them!  Here's a video turnaround of each of them:

I'm extra excited about being able to include little sandblasted gold accents here and there, like in June's pendant and headpiece, July's stars, and August's headpiece danglies.

What Happens Now?

  • I will be placing the order ASAP for the full batch of pins!  It should take 3-4 weeks for production and delivery. (EDIT: updated the production time max range to 4 weeks after hearing from the manufacturer!)
  • Once I have the pins in hand and shipments are ready to go, I'll be sending a Final Notice where folks have one last chance to update their shipping address before shipments begin sending out.
  •  Please be patient with me!  I am mainly one person doing all of the customer support, packing, shipping, and post office drops for this project.
  • The projected shipping window at this point is now between the 2nd and 3rd week of September, if not sooner.  Again, you will receive notice when I'm ready to ship so you will have one last chance to update your mailing address.

I hope you loved this early peek of the pins as much as I did!  I can't wait to get these lovelies into your hands. 

Thanks for your support!

♥ Angela S.


I'm currently working on the Goddesses of Autumn pin designs as we speak and I think you all are going to LOVE them!  My Patreon Patrons are getting the earliest looks at their development right now, so head on over to my Patreon and pitch in as little as $1 to access my Secret Sketchbook if you'd like to see all the Behind the Scenes things that are happening right now for this project!

Only 3 Days Left to Pay for Shipping!
11 days ago – Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 07:32:21 PM

Greetings, everyone!  I hope you are well!  The exciting deadline where I'll be locking orders and putting in the big order for the pins and other goodies is coming on August 15th!  That's just 3 days away and only 64% of Backers have finished their surveys and paid for their shipping!  Don't worry, as I'll give everyone a grace period and won't be locking orders until the morning of the 16th.

NOTE that you will need to pay for shipping BEFORE I can send your items!  If you don't, I will be keeping your items on hand until November 6th, after which point any items that haven't been claimed with shipping paid in full will be returned to my inventory and put up for resale.

If you miss the August 15th deadline, you can still claim your items before November 6th.  Just drop me a private message here on Kickstarter and I will take care of you!  However, it is simply more efficient for me if everyone gets their orders in by the deadline so I can take care of everything at once and Backers won't forget about their items and end up losing them to the abandonment cutoff date.

Have you lost your survey or never got the email?  You can recover your survey at this link using the email you used with the Kickstarter!

SURVEY LINK:  https://summergoddesspins.backerkit.com/

Questions or comments?  Do not hesitate to ask me!  I am checking my emails and private messages regularly, with private messages here on Kickstarter being my preferred method of communication for this project.

More soon!  Samples will be arriving shortly and I can't waaait!

♥ Ang

Surveys Sent via Backerkit + Pre-Orders Now Open
17 days ago – Tue, Aug 06, 2019 at 04:16:35 PM

Surveys Sent

Now that pledges have finished processing, I have sent your Kickstarter surveys via email!  The subject of the email will read "Response Needed -- Get your reward for Goddesses of Summer Birthstone and Flower Hard Enamel Pins".

If you did not receive this email or you lose the email, you can recover your survey via this link by entering the email address you used for the Kickstarter.

REMEMBER that you must pay your shipping costs via this survey in order to have your items sent to you.  Surveys are due by August 15th!  Orders will be locked and credit cards will be charged on the 16th.  Shipping addresses will be locked on September 4th, giving you plenty of time to update your shipping addresses by then, if needed.

As stated in the Kickstarter, now begins the 3 month period which determines the cutoff date for declaring items abandoned.  All surveys and shipping need to be handled preferably no later than August 15th.  However, the absolute cutoff date is November 6th, 2019 for determining the abandonment status of items.  All items that have not been claimed and/or that have not had their shipping fees paid by November 6th will be considered abandoned after November 6th and will be returned to my inventory!

QUICK LINK:  Recover/Access your survey here (or via the survey email) -> https://summergoddesspins.backerkit.com/ 

Pre-Orders Now Open

Did you or a friend miss the Kickstarter and want to make sure that you receive a pin?  You can now snag your own pin via the public Pre-Order Shop where I will be taking orders until August 15th!  Only Backers will be able to buy some of the Kickstarter exclusive items available in the shop, but the pins and other items are available to the public!

QUICK LINK:  Shop the Pre-Order shop here ->  https://summergoddesspins.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders 


In other news, I've ordered some samples ahead of the main batch of pins to inspect their quality before placing the full order.  These samples should arrive around the 16th so I can show off how the pins look in the round!  I can't wait to share them with you all!

More news soon,

♥  Angela S.

Download Your Goddesses of Summer Coloring Pages
28 days ago – Fri, Jul 26, 2019 at 10:09:27 AM

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Congratulations on Funding! + Timeline of Surveys/Fulfillment
about 1 month ago – Mon, Jul 22, 2019 at 07:17:39 PM

Congratulations and celebrations all around!  Thanks to your help, the Goddesses of Summer enamel pins are are going to become a reality!  Give yourselves a pat on the back. 

I cannot wait to have these beauties on hand, but first we must all be patient a little longer while all the gears of payment processing and fulfillment turn.  I have a new fulfillment timeline for you all, as Backerkit has suggested I wait a full 14 days for credit cards to process and to give everyone a chance to make sure any credit card issues are sorted out before launching the Backerkit shop.

As a reminder, the Backerkit shop is where Backers will be paying for their shipping fees for this campaign, as well as where you will be adding any Add Ons, like extra pins, prints, etc.

New Fulfillment Timeline

August 5th - Payments from Kickstarter will be fully processed and transferred to me.  The Backerkit shop where we'll be handling shipping fees and Add Ons will open and remain open for 2 weeks.  A link to the shop and your surveys will be sent via email and posted here in this project's Updates.

August 16th - Add On orders will be locked and credit cards will be charged for Add Ons and Shipping.  I will place the order for pins with my manufacturer.

August 30th - After a 2 week turnaround time for production, pins will arrive!

1st week in September - Allow for time to check and process everyone's orders.  Shipping addresses will be locked.

2nd Week in September - Shipping begins. Happiness for everyone!

September 23rd -  The first day of fall, the next set featuring the Goddesses of Autumn will be launched on Kickstarter! Stay tuned for more info if you're interested in the September, October, and November pins.

These dates are subject to change should any delays arise, which sometimes happen!  I will do my best to make sure everyone is informed of any changes and progress with Updates here on each phase of this process.

For now, let us bask!  I'm so grateful to be given this chance to add another piece to my Birthstone Goddesses collection and to continue to keep creating as an independent artist fulfilling their own artistic vision.

The Journey Isn't Over!

But this isn't the end!  Keep an eye out for news about the next entries into this pin series - The Goddesses of Autumn.  You can also keep up with Behind the Scenes developments with me via my Patreon, where I post articles about my journey of creation (including the making of these pin designs), tips for artists, and many other fun things!  

You can click Follow at the top of my profile on Patreon to follow along for my free articles, or pitch in as little as $1 for access to my Secret Sketchbook, private Discord server, etc.  Other Rewards include access to a library of coloring pages and more. There's a lot to see and I'd love to get to know you all better there!

Each and every new Patron will receive a one-time Welcome gift from me depending on their pledge amount.  Come and see!

I'll have more news soon once we reach the next milestone of progress!

Thanks again for all your support and sharing. It means the world to a 1 person biz like me!

♥ Ang